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Product Overview:

With an extremely low residual distortion of < –110 dB, the Keysight U8903B audio spectrum analyzer allows you to measure the most demanding audio devices with a high degree of accuracy. Make the highest resolution two-channel measurements available when you expand your bandwidth to 1.5 MHz. With these options and more, the U8903B audio spectrum analyzer offers a configurable audio test solution to meet your audio application needs.

  • Expand your measurement bandwidth (with the wide bandwidth option N3431A) to measure from DC or 10 Hz to a maximum of 1.5 MHz.
  • Simplify your testing environment with automatic tests and built-in test sequences.
  • Configure the U8903B audio spectrum analyzer with up to eight analog analyzer channels.
  • Eliminate the need to rewrite programs into SCPI command with built-in compatibility mode.
  • Easily meet standards with preconfigured Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis and Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality measurements.
  • Characterize signal-to-noise ratios, cross talk and more.